Besides Being a Car Tinting Service Provider, We Can Do Quality Car Inspections as Well!

At E-Z Choice Window Tinting, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and reliable vehicle. Whether you’re buying a used car or ensuring your current vehicle is in optimal condition, our comprehensive car inspection process is designed to identify any issues or damages. With our expert technicians in Goldsboro, NC and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we provide a thorough assessment of your vehicle’s mechanical, electrical, and structural components. Also, you should know that we do car tinting service if ever your car needs new car window tints.

Assessing Engine Performance and Components

The mechanical inspection is a crucial aspect of our car inspection process. Our skilled technicians conduct a comprehensive examination of your vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and other mechanical systems. We inspect for any signs of wear, leaks, or malfunctions that may impact the vehicle’s performance or safety. By conducting a detailed analysis of engine components, belts, hoses, and fluid levels, we can identify potential issues before they become major problems. Our goal is to ensure your vehicle’s mechanical systems are operating efficiently and reliably.

Evaluating Electrical Systems and Components

Modern vehicles rely heavily on complex electrical systems for various functions, including lighting, audio, navigation, and safety features. Our car inspection includes a thorough evaluation of the electrical systems to identify any issues or malfunctions. We check the battery, alternator, starter, wiring, fuses, and other electrical components to ensure they are functioning properly. Our technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to scan for error codes and assess the overall health of the electrical systems. By conducting an in-depth electrical inspection, we ensure that your vehicle’s electrical components are in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of electrical failures or malfunctions.

Detecting Damages and Safety Hazards

A comprehensive car inspection includes a meticulous examination of your vehicle’s structural integrity. We inspect the body, frame, and undercarriage for any signs of corrosion, rust, or damages. Our technicians also assess the suspension system, steering components, tires, and brakes to ensure they meet safety standards. By identifying any structural damages or safety hazards, we help prevent potential accidents and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. In the event of collision repairs or previous damages, our experts can detect hidden issues that may impact the vehicle’s structural integrity.

Look for E-Z Choice Window Tinting if you need quality car inspections or a car tinting services. You can find us in Goldsboro, NC. And if you wish to learn more about us, call (919) 205-5289.

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