Three Types of Window Tints

Three Types of Window Tints  

All About Home Window Tinting

Whether applied on the windows of a residential property or a commercial establishment, tinting service is a great way to improve the energy efficiency, privacy, safety, and aesthetic appeal of any surface it is applied to. To maximize all the home window tinting benefits, it is best that you work with a reliable professional for an efficient job.

A basic knowledge about the different kinds of tint films can also help you decide on what shade and product to use. As a reputable tinting company, we feel compelled to share with you the different kinds of window tint to give you a basic knowledge of the service. These are the following:

1. Ceramic

One of the newest products on the market, ceramic tints are considered the most expensive type of window tint. It doesn’t interfere with signals, it’s resistant to glare and fading and highly shatter-proof. With its features, it’s totally worth the investment.

2. Dyed

If you don’t have the budget for a ceramic tint, dyed window tint film is another great option. Considered as the most economical option, dyed tint window film can block UV rays by adding dye to the film. The sun’s heat is absorbed by the dye in the film. As a result, it can prevent some of the heat from entering your window. This type of tint film is usually used for aesthetics and also tends to fade over the course of time.

3. Metalized

Just like dyed film, this type of home window tinting film protects your home by reflecting UV rays away. It not only protects your interior, it can also protect your windows. When you use metalized film for your home, your windows will become shatter-resistant. Compared to dyed film, this material is more resistant to scratches. It also looks shiny and beautiful from the outside. The only downside of using metalized film is that it can interfere with the signal.

Whatever home window tinting material you choose for your next project, E-Z Choice Window Tinting is the reliable company you can trust for impeccable services. My services are available in Goldsboro, NC and the neighboring areas. For further inquiries, call (919) 205-5289 today!

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