3 Things You Can Expect After a Window Tint

Making Your Car Look Amazing With Window Tinting

Once you’ve had a professional window tint service, you’ve taken the first step toward making your car stand out, driving in comfort, and protecting the windows (and your interior) for years to come. But you might be worried that you’ll accidentally mess up the window tinting you just invested in. You should feel confident and informed about what to do (or not do) once you have your windows tinted. After all, when you put time and money into your car, you want it to look amazing for as long as possible! Here are 3 things you can expect after a window tint:

It’s normal to see bubbles or hazy windows at first.

Even after professional window tinting, you may see a few tiny bubbles under the film and a haze on the glass. Streaks, haze, and bubbles are a normal part of the window tinting drying process, so don’t worry! Bubbles can occur as moisture forms between the window and the film, but they will evaporate within a few days. While your window tinting dries, it will still protect you and your car from UV rays, would-be intruders, and flying glass (in the event of an accident).

The drying time will depend on the weather and season.

During the summer, the sun will help your vehicle’s film cure (or dry) within two to four days of window tinting. But if you get this service in the winter, you might have to wait three to four weeks before your car’s window tinting completely dries. No matter how long your window tinting takes to cure, you shouldn’t go to the car wash right away.

Your windows may be stronger, but they’re not invincible.

Tinting your windows makes them scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof. So you’ll still want to be gentle when moving sharp objects, boxes, and sports equipment around your interior. And don’t forget to take your seat belt off carefully. This will keep the metal buckle from flying back and chipping your window tinting.

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